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Trekking on Ethiopian Mountains & Plateaus


Dear, what you find here are just some sample itineraries that would give you clues. They, however, can be reconstructed into multiple options with variation in style, duration, transportation, attractions, and accommodation. Please go through them and forward us an idea what you like it to be. After a while, you will receive a package that exactly fits your interests.

Ethiopia 4 real!!!

5 Days Trekking in Semien Mountains

Tour title: Trekking in Semien Mountains

Tour code: ET 16

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights

Attractions: wildlife, natural scenery, biodiversity

Transportation: walking, horse riding, car

Day 1: Fly to Gondar. After check-in to your Hotel make a city tour in Gondar and be prepared for the coming up trekking. The visit will include the 17thc Royal Enclosure, with its six castles and several other buildings. Additionally, you will visit Fasilidas's Pool, still used for Timket celebrations today and the Debre Birhan Selassie church, which is most famous for mural paintings and fascinating history in the country. Accommodation: Hotel

Day 2: Gondar – Sankaber. After breakfast, drive from Gondar to Sankaber, the first campsite. On the way, visit Weleka, village of the Felasha. It is a village founded by the Black Jewish who are emigrated from Israel and lived in Ethiopia for thousands of years. Here, you will have an opportunity to visit their synagogues and buy handcrafts for which they are known in the country. Proceed the drive to Debark a springboard town to get to the park and where we do all the paperwork. In the afternoon, make 2 hours walk along the fantastically scenic escarpment. On the way,you will see the big troops of the Endemic Gelada Babbon feeding on grass. Finally, drive to Sanksber (3250m) for overnight stay. Accommodation: Camping

Day 3: Sankaber - Gich (5-7 hours). After breakfast, walk away from Sankaber to reach the next camp Gich. In this 5-7 hours trekking, you will ascend up to the top of hills, descend down to the bottom of valleys and pass by the edge of vertical cliffs. You will also see a very large waterfall of the Jinbar River. Spend the night at Gich (3600m) campsite, based at the beautiful view point where you can perform a refreshing meditation. Accommodation: Camping

Day 4: Gich - Chenek (5-7 hours). Today, you will walk the the highest picks of the trip. Relatively speaking, this will be fairly the challenging part of your trekking trip. In the first half of the day, climb to the fantastically scenic picks of Imet Gugu (3900m) and Enatye (4050m), where you will have picnic lunch. Then, proceed walking along the escarpment that rewards you the most spectacular view down to the valley. This is simply the day of fascination from the scenery. Overnight: Camping at Chenek (3620m)

Day 5: Drive Chenek – Gondar. Early in the morning, walk around the camp site to see the Endemic Walia Ibex and the most rare animal Ethiopian Wolf. The graceful birds like Lammergeyer and the endemic Thick Billed Reaven can easily be spotted here. After breakfast, start driving back to the old capital Gondar.

End of the tour!

6 Days Trekking in Bale Mountains

Tour title: Trekking in Bale Mountains

Tour code: ET 17

Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights

Attractions: wildlife, natural scenery, biodiversity

Transportation: walking, horse riding, car

Day 1: Addis Ababa - Bale Mountains NP. Early morning, drive to Bale Mountains NP through the Great Rift Valley, the landmark of our Planet. Cross the fertile Arsi-Bale highlands renowned for the best production of wheat in Ethiopia to reach th Dinsho(HQ). After lunch, explore Dinsho to spot the main concentration of Bale's mountain Nyala (endemic) and other mammals like Menlik's bushbuck(endemic), Bohor's reedbuck, warthogs, colubus monkey and lots of Birds. Overnight in a Lodge

Day 2: Dinsho - Wolla Valley (Kotera). After breakfast, trek with your guide, a scout and packhorses. Today, we trek for about 5 hrs through the lush highland vegetation to reach the first campsite. The air here is clean and crisp and the scenery utterly stunning. Overnight: camping

Day 3: Kotera - Wassema Valley. After early morning activities around the camp site, resume the trekking. This day's trekking will last for approximately 7-8 hrs and it will offer you the chance to see Ethiopia's endemic Ethiopian Wolf, the rarest and endangered animal. Overnight camping at the base of Wassema Mountain.

Day 4: Wassema - Gebre Guracha. Trek through the highlands like Batu Mountain, which is covered with Wild flowers and plants. Helichrysm, or Everlasting plants can be seen in several forms, but the grey bushes of H. splendidum are the most striking with their yellow flowers. Several rodent species are found in the area. Overnight; camping

Day 5. Gebre Guracha - Sanetti Plateau - Goba Town. We trek for 5 hrs to the highest peak in the Bale Mountains, Tullu Deemtu (4377m, 14357ft) which is part of the Sanetti Plateau. The vistas are simply unbelievable and so photogenic. Here you will find small alpine lakes and typical afro-alpine vegetation that includes the Giant Lobelia and shrubs such as 'Everlasting'. Vistas reach out to the strange pinnacles of Chorchora Peak and across the sheer-sided Tegona River Gorge. There are views to the steep-sided volcanic plug of Konteh Tullu and the long, craggy ridges of Mount Batu. The car will meet us here and drive us down to Goba town for an overnight stay in a Hotel.

Day 6: Drive back to Addis Ababa. Drive back to Addis Ababa with stops on the way at rift valley Lakes. Evening a fare well dinner party in one of the traditional Ethiopian restaurant with dances from different ethnic groups.

End of the tour!

6 Days Trekking b/n Lalibela & Bahirdar

Tour title: Trekking in the Mountains with sightseeing in Lalibela & Bahirdar

Tour code: ET 18

Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights

Attractions: natural scenery, biodiversity, churches & culture

Transportation: walking, horse riding, car & flight

Day 1: Fly Addis Ababa – Lalibela. Early flight from Addis to lalibela, After arriving in Lalibela visit the first group of churches.After Lunch visit the second and third groups of churches. Overnight: Hotel

Day 2: Mequat Mariam. Drive from Lalibela to Gashena 65km (2 hours' drive) to meet the community guides.Most people start their trek to Mequat Mariam at the community called Werkhaye Mariam. Here the local community provides a sit down lunch of local fare: local Enjara and vegetarian stews, and freshly brewed coffee. Soft drinks, water and beer are for sale. The tukuls are set on a promontory of the Meket plateau with staggering views to the west and south. A small troop of Gelada Baboons patrol the escarpment. Lammergeyers, vultures, buzzards, kites, ravens and many other birds soar over the site. Mequat Mariam boasts a 'rock bar'. O/N Community Lodge

Day 3: Mequat Mariam- Wajela. It is a full day's walk between Mequat to the next site: Wajela - about 7 hours walking + stopping time. The walk combines sections following the escarpment edge with incredible vistas and sections across the meadows and grazing land. There are plenty of opportunities to see the communities at work. On the way Meskal Mikael community provide a lunch much like that at Werkhaye Mariam.The spot chosen for the tukul camp overlooks an intriguing cave complex and the old church of Werketa Mariam set amongst Juniper woodland. This cosy site is set alongside a village, and community life goes on around the tukuls. O/N Community Lodge

Day 4: Wajela-Aterow-Bahardar. From Wajela to Aterow is a lovely 4 hours walking, mostly along the escarpment edge with the steep basalt cliff edge eroded into protruding blocks. Lunch is served by the community at Gicha by a big Giyorgis church and its lovely wooded church yard perched on the cliff edge. This is a great place to see Gelada baboons, which come up from the cliffs and gorge below. There are always birds of prey on the thermals too, and with some luck you will see the little Rock Hyrax warming in the sun in the morning a vehicle can pick you up from Aterow, either near the site if you have to rush or at the main asphalt road that leads to Bahardar. O/N in a Hotel

Day 5: Bahirdar - Lake Tana - Blue Nile Falls. Today you visit the Gish Abay Village and the Nile fall which are situated 30 kms from the town of Bahardar in the morning. In the afternoon visit the Lake Tana Monasteries.O/N in a Hotel.

Day 6: Fly back to Addis Ababa.

End of the tour!

3 Days Trekking b/n Axum and Hawzen(Gheralta)

Tour title: Trekking in the Tigray Plateau

Tour code: ET 19

Duration: 4 Days / 3 Nights

Attractions: natural scenery, biodiversity & Churches

Transportation: walking, horse riding, car & flight

Day 1: Fly Addis Ababa – Axum. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Axum. Afternoon visit will begin with sightseeing of Axum, which includes the famous Steals which are believed to have been erected during 1st century, St. Mary Church of "Mariam Tsion": where the Ark of Covenant of Mosses is believed to have been rested. O/N in a hotel.

Day 2: Axum to Erar. Enjoy the landscape before DebreDamo monastery, visit the church of Abune Aregawi on the top of the Debre Damo plateau using a rope pulley, drive to Yeha and visit the first temple of Ethiopia, then to the point you start your trekking. The most westerly guesthouse is at Erar built on an isolated section of the western escarpment with wonderful views westward to the mountains of Adwa and the Nebulet pillars. It can be accessed from the Adigrat – Axum road via a good gravel road that ends at a village called Rahya from where it is a 90min walk along the escarpment to Erar. O/N Community Lodge.

Day 3: Erar to Shimbrety. It is a 5 hour Walk through the valleys to Shimbrety. As you get close to Shimbrety there is an interesting rock tunnel that has been carved through the ridge to give villages on the western side access to the lovely rock church of Maryam Buzuhan. The church itself is a lovely one, and the trail there after hugs the mountain and winds up to the plateau on the top. O/N at Community Lodge

Day 4: Shimbrety - Hawzen- Mekele- Addis. Shimbrety is the most southerly community-run guesthouse, some 20km north of Hawzien and can also be reached from Gheralta Lodge (using transport to drop you halfway).It is around 3 hours to get to your car and drive to Hawzen.In the afternoon you can visit Abraha Atebeha and Wekero Churches before you get to Mekele to fly back to Addis. O/N Hotel

End of the tour!